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Cabin Crew Course

Official degree issued by AESA - Ministry of Development

Cabin Crew Course

A cabin crew member is a very important piece for an airline. On one hand, it is responsible for ensuring the safety of passengers and at the same time represents the image of the company.

This job offers you the possibility to develop an exciting profession, while you discover other cultures and travel all over the world.

You will receive an official degree issued by AESA (Ministry of Development) that will allow you to work in any airline in the world.


Theory classes

Aviation and Meteorology basic knowledge
Human Factors

Normal operation, Safety, Emergency and Survival
Air Law
On board services
Dangerous Goods
Search and Rescue
Aeronautical Medicine and First Aids



Normal and emergency Operations
Cabin explosion
Explosive decompression
Emergency descent and landing
Use of emergency equipment
Cabin smoke and fire
Fire fighting
Airplane evacuation
Use of life-rafts and life-vests
How to control passengers panic
First Aids


Official Certificates

Official degree issued by AESA (Ministry of Development), valid in the whole Europe
Dream Flyers Aeronautical English Certificate



317 hours of theorical and practice classes
Aeronautical English, depending on level and requirements


Class schedules are Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm.

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Course information

Starting date:
Feb 2015
3 months and a half
Number of places:
20 places
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