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“If flying is your passion, I advise you this academy”

Jihane Atiq discovered at 13 years old a world that she would never want to separate of: aviation. “I realized that I wanted to be a flight attendant the first time that I got on a plane: I didn’t take my eyes off the cabin crew, everything they did struck me”, tells this steward to us.

When she was finishing her high school studies, she already had it clear. “I began looking for information on Internet and I got more and more motivated to this world: I realized that I would be flight steward”, assures Jihane.

It was in this search of the best academy of cabin crew when Jihane found Dream Flyers. After knowing some other schools, there was a key factor to make Jihane decant to study with us: the sincerity.

“When I talked with Juan Sarrá, the commercial responsible of the course, I noticed a lot of difference in front of other academies. What he told me seemed very sincere and that calmed me. He invited me to visit the facilities and I never noticed the pressure from someone who tries to persuade you anyway. The thing that convinced me at the end was the fact that the school offered the training and would help me in my job search, but it didn’t assure me a job. That openness drove me to study here”, relates our protagonist.

Jihane considers that our professoriate showed during our Cabin Crew course “a very high academic and human level to help us and to show themselves sympathetic with us the students. They are active workers, they tell anecdotes about their job and they transmit a great enthusiasm”, highlights the aircraft steward.

No doubt, the Convair Coronado simulator is what Jihane remembers with more admiration about her training at Dream Flyers: “The moment when you truly are at an aircraft and you put in practice all you learnt was incredible, with a lot of seriousness and help from the teachers”.

Finally, our interviewed throws a message to everyone who is thinking about starting a career as a flight attendant: “I advise this academy to who is enthusiastic and has clear to dedicate to this profession. You must dedicate a lot of hours, study quite much to get the goal and above all paying a lot of attention at the classroom because everything that the teachers say is very useful. Take the maximum of notes and review them several times, so doing the access tests to you airline will cost you much less”.

It seems that life has changed to Jihane Atiq since she finished he training at our aviation academy: “The first day at the plane of my airline I felt like at home, I confirmed that it was what I wanted to do. I am a shy person, but when I go up an aircraft I realize that I show another personality, I am very attentive with the passengers, paying attention to every detail, trying to please the travelers the most I can. If you like this job, it appears naturally from yourself”.