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“It is a good time to train as a pilot”

Our students make the beating heart of Dream Flyers. That is why we want to present one of our students and the experiences he is having in his training in aviation.

Guillem Nuez is one of our veteran active students. By the age when he began studying for pilot (29 years) and because after nearly a year and a half of training this year is facing the end of his degree at ATPL and works with the team of teachers of our aviation academy.

Several aspects made Guillem being encouraged to form in our pilot school. The international character of the school was one of the values that convinced him to study at our school of aviation. "The classes taught in English do that I have met with mates from different backgrounds. In the group I have given class there are a German student of Turkish origin, a man from Syria, another one from Morocco and two South Americans, as well as students from other towns in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. And in previous promotions I coincided with a Dutch guy and another from Romania", Guillem says.

But it surely was the deal that staff of our flight academy dispensed him what made the decision to take easier. "I met them in 2013 at the Saló de l'Ensenyament of Fira de Barcelona with other schools. I valued options for my future because I saw very complicated work options for my career in Building Engineering. Finding the option of aviation my interest that already had awakened me years ago reappeared. Manuel Alonso (responsible for training pilots) and Paul Provo (Professor of Dangerous Goods) assisted me and offered me to visit the school and its facilities at the airport of Sabadell. The care and support they offered me made me choose them, and I have no regrets. Moreover, I am delighted with the course and I speak highly of him to all students beginning”, our protagonist says.

Each student has a favourite moment of their training at our commercial aviation school, and Guillem Nuez is no exception. "My best memory of the school is the first day I flew alone, it was a great time. I could do it in a relatively short time after starting the practice. I remember that I was told to go only once because the adrenalin increase was going to be very powerful, but at the time I was off the plane I felt perfectly and would have been able to do it many more times. I remember that my body did not assimilate it until after a few hours, and I didn’t sleep that night!", Guillem says enthusiastically.

As we mentioned a few lines above, Guillem collaborates with our faculty in the first sessions of our new promotions in ATPL course. "The opportunity to teach at the academy emerged because, as a result of my studies and the appearance of a vacancy for a teacher, Manuel Alonso proposed me giving the introductory lessons of math and physics for the first two weeks of the course for people coming new. Now another promotion comes in March and I also trust to be its first teacher”, our student veteran predicts.

For our student-mate, we cross an ideal period to start fulfilling the dream of becoming a commercial pilot. "It is a good time to train as a pilot. I see people I know are having job opportunities. If it is something you like, it will be difficult but you will get it. If you can, do not hesitate and go forward. You will have to dedicate much time but worth it”, Guillem assures.

Personally, Guillem future poses with broadminded: "Right now I do not close my doors to anything. My expectations are focused on starting my career as a commercial pilot, but you have to start somewhere, so I do not rule to continue teaching. I think it is a mistake to think that when you finish the course you are entering to work in a company like Vueling, for example, where opportunities exist and can happen, but we must be realistic and know to see that it is difficult. I do not rule continuing my education in other subjects."

Finally, which is the subject that has fascinated our student? "I've always liked the weather and all the knowledge that you see in the course has given me very much in order to understand and interpret it. I was surprised about how much information are there, you never think that there is so much and its use in flight is very high", Guillem sentences.