Learning to act in emergency situations

During a flight, the cabin crew professionals are essential to ensure the safety of passengers. Therefore, we train them at our cabin crew school in Barcelona to get the basic knowledge about emergencies, aeronautic medicine and aviation, among other subjects, so they can do a job fully guaranteed.

One of the most important parts of the training of a future flight attendant is learning by doing. One of the iconic locations where the students must highlight what they learnt is our simulator Convair Coronado, located in Sabadell airport.

After being formed in theoretical sessions in all matters relating to operational procedures, students develop practical at the simulator to ensure the safety of passengers and to manage the emergencies in flight, such as fire, depressurizations and kidnapping, among other imponderables.

It is also at this stage where survival operations are performed. One of them is that you can see in the picture, the evacuation by the inflatable ramp or slide, a tool that should be used compulsorily through every door of the aircraft that is over 6 feet (1,83 meters). This case can occur after an accident or an emergency landing on land or sea.

Thus, our hostesses school has a high-performance infrastructure to provide training of the highest quality to future flight auxiliary.