Meet us closely at Saló de l’Ensenyament 2015

One more year (and now we are on the third row), Dream Flyers goes to Saló de l’Ensenyament to approach you students who seek an exciting future, a profession that will provide a livelihood to you.

As an aviation academy approved by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA), we offer training of the highest quality to develop a career in the air, either as an airplane pilot or flight attendant.

If you want to meet us in person, ask for advice on our courses and ask yourself the dream of working in the sky as a real possibility, you have an excellent opportunity between the next Wednesday 18 and Sunday March 22 at Fira de Barcelona (Montjuïc).

From Wednesday to Saturday, you can access the palace 2 via Univers square from 10 to 19 hours at a time, while Sunday access is reduced to 10 to 14 hours. See you there!