You have a new opportunity to become a pilot this September

September is an important month in our flight academy. It always means the beginning of emblematic courses and, in this case, we have two important new ones for our future pilots.

First of all, on September 16th, we start our 7th edition of Private Pilot Course (PPL). This training is specially aimed for anyone who wants to live his or her first experience as a civil pilot and learn how to fly just for fun. Moreover, this title is required if the pilot wishes to obtain further licenses and ratings of greater level, such as the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or the Airline Transportation Pilot License (ATPL).

We are also proud to announce that our pilot school will start a new course to become a professional pilot next September 22nd. We are talking about the Integrated ATPL, the most complete course in which the student will achieve the Commercial Pilot License (CPL), the Multi Crew Coordination (MCC) and the Instrumental Rating IR amongst other titles.

If you are interested in any of those two new pilot courses, do not hesitate in contacting us to get all the information you need. Do not forget that the places are limited for both of the courses. The registration period is open until September 13th for the PPL (A) and September 22nd for the Integrated ATPL (A).

A flurry of activity is coming on our flight school, and it is far from being a time for relax. The activity multiplies in our pilot academy during the summer months. If preparing and starting the new courses was not enough, Sabadell Airport will be buzzing during the month of August with all the flights of our students who are already flying with us to achieve their dream to become a pilot.